Air Transport

The purpose of the Air Transport (AT) cell is to coordinate airlift request by member nations using spare airlift capacity and capabilities from other nations; this can be part load, a dedicated aircraft or a mix of the two.

The payment of the airlift is usually through the Air Transport, Air to Air Refuelling and other Exchanges of Services (ATARES) system or alternatively airlift can be arranged through an Acquisition Cross Servicing Agreement (ACSA) agreement for from the USA or as a bi-lateral agreement between nations.

A few good examples of smart defence thinking through the coordination by MCCE AT cell:

  • “MCCE nation A” needs to move TNT explosives to a specific country. “MCCE nation B” is currently moving cargo the opposite direction, so they offer their empty “leg” to “MCCE nation A” that pay with ATARES. Result: better use of resources and a Win-Win for both nations.
  • “MCCE nation X” requests a cargo move in a remote location. “MCCE nation Y” signs contract with civil broker and offers the AN type aircraft to “MCCE nation X”.
  • Visibility regarding empty “legs” is available for member nations. Often nations put cargo on these offers as they are cheaper than regular full charter aircraft.

The coordination provided to nations covers not only operational missions but exercise and training support as well. Our mission is to help MCCE member nations get more “bang for the buck” through smart cooperation and better use of resources in a fiscally austere world.

The AT Cell is operational 24/7, via beneath Contact Information.

Contact Information
Telephone: +31 (0)40 206 6059
Cell Phone: + 31 (0)6 2054 8878