38th MCCE IST/Rail Ops Meeting in Tallinn

On 22-23 October 2019, Estonia hosted the 38th MCCE IST/Rail ops meeting in Tallinn.

MCCE Nations, NSPA and NATO TG were represented with 37 delegates.

The conference principally focused the attendees’ attention on updating inland surface transport procedures and rules. Furthermore, the organization of rail transport and the availability of rail carriages and railway ramps were discussed.

Additionally, three guest speakers presented their companies during the meeting.

Two companies, ASOPRAIL from Estonia and SNCF from France, are dealing with rail transport, while the third company, MAXICARGO from Poland, is dealing in oversized transport.

All presented their possibilities in the field of organization of military transports which can be offered to the MCCE MN.



MCCE Customs Workshop

The 6th Customs workshop was held at Karup Air Base in Denmark, on 27-28 June 2019, hosted by a Nation for the first time since the initiative creation.

29 Delegates from 14 Nations, NATO, NSPA and Deployable Allied Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC) attended the meeting.

National, NSPA and DACCC representatives at the 6th Customs Workshop at Karup Air base (DNK).

Participants’ interest was predominantly involved with:

  • European Defence Agency (EDA) progress of the Customs “Category A” programme (Harmonizing the Military Requirements related to Customs) update;
  • Canada’s national use of the Form 302;
  • BREXIT, possible scenarios and Nations’ conceivable preparation;
  • Norwegian view on TRJE18 Customs aspects;
  • Danish national Customs perspective and freight forwarders role in the Customs logistic chain.

Of note, the highlights presented on the planned Form 302 digitization process in conjunction with the developing harmonization of procedures for Form 302 ongoing within the EDA “Cat. A” project.

IST Ops Meeting Tampere

On 4-5 June 2019, Finland hosted the 37th IST ops meeting in Tampere.

MCCE Nations and NSPA were represented with 29 delegates.

National and NSPA Representatives at the IST ops meeting in Finland.

The conference principally focused the attendees’ attention on:

  • Updating on M&T topics, transport procedures and rules either generic IST or railway options;
  • Coordinating US ATLANTIC RESOLVE 2019 fall rotation planned and DEFENDER 20 Exercise CONOPS through short term planning meetings (US Mid Planning Conference (MPC)-Jul 19 and MCCE Coalition Movement WG-Sep 19);
  • Delivering information on AURORA exercise initial conference in SWE, Sep 19.

Also, the NSPA representative briefed the Participants about the Strategic Rail study status.

The research is composed of in gradual phases and the main aims will be:

  • options and requirements for a commercial contract and military options;
  • coherent and coordinated approach with industry (prioritization) on equipment and access to rail networks.

IST Rail Ops Meeting Eindhoven

The 35th IST / Rail Ops meeting was held on the 30-31 October 2018, hosted by the MCCE at the Van der Valk Hotel premises, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. More than 30 partners from 18 Members Nations (MNs) responded to the invitation of the MCCE and attended the meeting, as well as NSPA members who joined the forum for the first time.

Chief of the IST Cell, Ltc. Paccoj (left) and Mr. Franck Verdierre, NSPA Transportation and Warehousing Division Chief

The main aim of the symposium was to focus the MNs attendees on:

  • – National IST and Railway presentations and discussion to promote synergies amongst;
  • – NSPA concept to possibly deliver Multinational Rail Transport Services;
  • – Trident Juncture 2018 deployment, first feedback from MNs;
  • – MNs multimodal national offer list availability to African operations.
35th IST / Rail Participants at Van der Valk Hotel, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Chief of Operations in consort with IST Cell Chief emphasized the importance of MCCE IST / Rail meeting formula to be adopted at least once a year; this was highly appreciated by the MNs to rationalise the international cooperation in this domain.

With the predominant purpose of promoting the MCCE MNs cooperation encompassing all inland surface transport modes, national representatives updated were released along with MCCE Plans and SEOS Secretariat briefings.

Furthermore, external presenters such as Dutsche Bahn Cargo and Rail Innovators Group companies dispensed their rail capabilities to offer to the MCCE MNs.