MCCE staff visit to Romania

The MCCE paid a visit to the Romanian Defence General Staff and Air Force Staff (Bucharest, 25-26 November) in order to strengthen the relationship and to facilitate their accession process to ATARES and SEOS systems.

Our delegation was welcomed to Bucharest by Capt. Adrian Petrovschi and Col. Daniel Grecu, whom ensured that a wide representation of Romanian Logistics and Air Force specialist were both present and tremendously energised to explore the possibilities of greater cooperation. The MCCE presented representatives from each of the transport modalities and Air to Air Refuelling, which allowed for wide ranging and detailed discussions, which included the ATARES and SEOS system.

The MCCE delegation discussed with their Romanian counterparts about ongoing developments and areas of common interest to realise benefits and efficiencies and we hope to soon carry through on specific opportunities in Training, Air to Air Refuelling and Inland Surface Transport.

Main subjects that were introduced:

  • ATARES and SEOS;
  • LOGFAS SUPPORT, Work Shops provided by MCCE and Exercises
  • Exposure experiences at the MCCE for Romanian Staff Officers
  • MCCE PE and Cadre position opportunities
  • MCCE events and meetings, NMCC Commanders conference, Ops meetings, JAWS


Annual EUMS – MCCE meeting

On November 27, 2019 EUMS and MCCE held their annual information meeting at the premises of the MCCE in Eindhoven. The four-member EUMS-delegation, led by Colonel Marc Huiskes, Resources & Support Branch Chief, briefed about several topics of mutual interest, such as the Military Mobility Action Plan and some movement related PESCO projects, to include the Logistic Hub project and the co-Basing project. The MCCE gave an overview of the possible support they can provide in the planning process of EU exercises and operations, in particular by improving the knowledge of the LOGFAS planning tool. 

EUMS also invited MCCE to the 14th Deployability Conference in Split (HRV), in March 2020 and requested MCCE to brief about the MCCE operational matrix with regards to a Cross Border Permission Network, which is in planning to be built up. Furthermore, participation of the MCCE in EUBG planning conferences will be investigated. In conclusion, an excellent meeting providing better insight in each other’s current and future activities. Next meeting will be scheduled in Q3 2020. 

EUMS-MCCE Annual meeting participants

25th MCCE Working Board

The 25th MCCE WB meeting was held on 05-06 Nov 2019 in the “Försvasmedicincentrum” of the Swedish Armed Forces in Gothenburg.  The Swedish hosts did a great job both in the preparation of the meeting as with the amazing support throughout the whole course of the meeting.

The social event, hosted in the officer’s mess, with a fantastic view on Gothenburg’s harbour, allowed the participants to discuss further on several Movement and Transport topics, thus strengthening the network that holds the base of the success of MCCE.

The Dutch DMTO (Dutch Movement and Transport organisation) and NSPA (NATO Supply and Procurement Agency) representatives provided the participants with excellent insights on their organisations and some topics of particular interest.

Participants to the 25Th  MCCE Working Board meeting

The meeting also marked the end of an era: the Working Board Chairman, BEL Lt.Col. (Ret) Johnny Laurent, presided his last MCCE Working Board meeting.

Lt.Col. Laurent has a remarkable career when it comes to the MCCE. Involved in the initial meetings about the establishment of MCCE in 2006 and 2007, member of the MCCE working board as BEL representative since 2008, Chairman of the Workgroup Best Practice which evolved into the Standing Advisory Workgroup we know today and from 2017 Chairman of the Working Board, he has been a faithful and important companion and support to the MCCE and the objectives and values it pursues.

We wish him all the best with his future endeavours.

MCCE Director Group Captain Gregory Stuart and Lt.Col. (Ret) Johnny Laurent

3rd Africa Distribution Network Forum

MCCE hosted the 3rd African Distribution Network Forum (ADNF) in Eindhoven, 29-30 October 2019. In total 11 nations as well as Multinational organizations such as HAW, EUMS, NSPA were present at the conference.

The ADNF is established as an annual meeting of key logistics stakeholders in support of logistics within the continent of Africa. The forum is intended to develop US partner nations and international organizations in relation to the Joint Logistics Enterprise. The ADNF builds awareness of logistics/capabilities and identifies opportunities for future collaboration between strategic partners.

The theme for ADNF 2019 was “Implementing Logistics in Operations and Capacity Building”.

The forum was a great meeting opportunity for the participating nations and Multinational organizations to exchange information and points of view on many important movement and transportation related issues in Africa.


MMTOC Rotterdam 2019

In October/November 2019, the MCCE together with the STC B.V. situated in the port of Rotterdam, organized the Manager Maritime Transport Operations Course (MMTOC).

During a two week program the 13 participants from BEL, CAN, DEU, DNK, FIN, GBR, NLD, NOR and SWE were taught about the transport chain, customs, chartering of a ship, transport of dangerous goods and many other topics related to Sealift.

Besides learning something new about maritime business the relations between the nations were strengthened during the course.

38th MCCE IST/Rail Ops Meeting in Tallinn

On 22-23 October 2019, Estonia hosted the 38th MCCE IST/Rail ops meeting in Tallinn.

MCCE Nations, NSPA and NATO TG were represented with 37 delegates.

The conference principally focused the attendees’ attention on updating inland surface transport procedures and rules. Furthermore, the organization of rail transport and the availability of rail carriages and railway ramps were discussed.

Additionally, three guest speakers presented their companies during the meeting.

Two companies, ASOPRAIL from Estonia and SNCF from France, are dealing with rail transport, while the third company, MAXICARGO from Poland, is dealing in oversized transport.

All presented their possibilities in the field of organization of military transports which can be offered to the MCCE MN.



6th Joint Airlift Workshop (JAWS)

From 1-3 October 2019, the MCCE Air Transport Cell hosted the 6th Annual Joint Airlift Workshop (JAWS) at the MCCE on Eindhoven Airbase, The Netherlands.

The course was attended by 31 personnel from 18 nations and agencies.  The objective of the course was to provide personnel with an in-depth knowledge of the airlift capabilities of partner nations and the methods by which to access and exploit those capabilities.

It included briefings from internal MCCE activities, EATC, SALCC, JADTEU (Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit), and HAW.

Additionally, attendees also participated in a Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) Drills to provide individuals with an opportunity to use multiple agencies in order to satisfy a transportation requirement based on real-world examples.

Participants to the 6th Joint Airlift Workshop


Defender 20 Coalition Movement Working Group (DEF20 CMWG)

DEF20 CMWG was promoted, organized, and hosted by the MCCE on September 18th – 19th at Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven, the Netherlands. 48 attendees composing 9 Nations’ delegations as well as NATO JFC Brunssum representatives and NSPA representatives were part of the meeting.

The working group aim was to synchronize the Nations on Defender 2020 National movement plans along with US support requirements to transiting/participating/bidding Nations.

DEF20 CMWG at Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven, the Netherlands

The conference mainly focused the participants attention on US/USAREUR’s Continental movements into the joint exercise area (JEA) in conjunction with US support general needs coming from DEF20 Main Planning Conference (MPC).

21st Theater Sustainment Command (TSC) team displaying Exercise Concept of Movement

The US 21st TSC planners team presented to the Partners coalition the initial inland surface movements requests for oversized and out of gauge equipment centred on exercise Concept of Movement, to bring together possible offers through partners’ national military fleets and transport contracts.

In addition, during this conference, the Regional Movement Coordination Centre (RMCC) concept was disclosed. Such organization will have the scope of de-conflicting, coordinating, enforcing and managing the execution of the movements of the Coalition Forces in support of DEFENDER 2020 – Europe. The RMCC will provide input from the national movement coordination centres (NMCC) into the overall movement picture.

Throughout the final review, actual offers from Transiting/Participating/Bidding Nations were assembled to respond to all US necessities presented.

The event was seen by the Nations as a highly valuable platform of cooperation among DEF20 Nations that doubtlessly helped the coalition to initially address and manage logistics key factors to the successful exercise outcome.

Change of Command

On August 21st, the MCCE hosted a sober but formal Change of Command Ceremony on the occasion of the changeover of the MCCE Director.

The outgoing Director, Col. FRA AF Eric HERBAUT, handed over the MCCE colours to Gr. Capt. GBR AF Stuart GREGORY.

In his speech, Col Herbaut expressed his gratitude to the MCCE staff who supported him with discharging his important responsibilities to provide strategic lift and AAR services to the Member Nations.

Gr. Capt. Gregory thanked the MCCE Steering Board for putting their trust in him to lead the MCCE to greater achievements in sharing vital operational and logistic capabilities, and he committed to generating yet further strategic co-operation between Member Nations by using the MCCE as a centre for innovation and debate.

The ceremony was chaired by Brigadier General AUT A Roman FISCHER, the Chairman of the MCCE Steering Board. Numerous national representatives of the Governance Bodies of the MCCE and related agencies attended the formal event and the hearty reception that followed during a sunny and cheerful day.

This gave the opportunity to the MCCE staff to present to Col. Herbaut a gift to mark their gratitude and respect that matured over the year spent under his leadership.

The MCCE is now ready to face new challenges and to aim to further achievements!

MCCE Customs Workshop

The 6th Customs workshop was held at Karup Air Base in Denmark, on 27-28 June 2019, hosted by a Nation for the first time since the initiative creation.

29 Delegates from 14 Nations, NATO, NSPA and Deployable Allied Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC) attended the meeting.

National, NSPA and DACCC representatives at the 6th Customs Workshop at Karup Air base (DNK).

Participants’ interest was predominantly involved with:

  • European Defence Agency (EDA) progress of the Customs “Category A” programme (Harmonizing the Military Requirements related to Customs) update;
  • Canada’s national use of the Form 302;
  • BREXIT, possible scenarios and Nations’ conceivable preparation;
  • Norwegian view on TRJE18 Customs aspects;
  • Danish national Customs perspective and freight forwarders role in the Customs logistic chain.

Of note, the highlights presented on the planned Form 302 digitization process in conjunction with the developing harmonization of procedures for Form 302 ongoing within the EDA “Cat. A” project.