Athens Multinational Shipping Coordination Centre (AMSCC) fact-finding visit to MCCE

Eindhoven, 6th of March 2019

As a follow up on the DIR MCCE visit earlier this year in Athens, AMSCC visited MCCE in order to continue to discuss mutual options for cooperation between the two entities.

The need for a more coordinated planning of Sealift movements related to a.m.o.t. VJTF were discussed and also the possibility for AMSCC to be able to offer empty space in RO/RO ships already operating in the Mediterranean to MCCE members.

MCCE as well as AMSCC will follow up on this and other subjects in future talks.

AMSCC Visit to MCCE 3-2019
From right to left: CPT H. Gerwing DEU A, LTC A. Passaro, ITA AF, CDR Mauritzio Albine ITA, CPT(N) Spyropoulos Vasileios HE, CDR H.O. Nielsen DNK and LTC Róbert Kovács, HUN A.

2nd NMCC Commanders Conference

The 2nd NMCC Commanders Conference was held in Eindhoven on 21-23 January 2019.

In total, 23 nations as well as Multi-national organisations such as, EATC, EDA, EUMS, HAW, NATO JFCB, NATO JFCN, NATO SHAPE, NATO SJLSG, NSPA and SALCC were present at the conference.

After the welcome address Col. Boekolt, the Eindhoven AB Base commander, the 74 representatives discussed several topics like (not exhaustive):

  • Maximising the Capacity of Limited Strategic Lift
    • Member Nations capacities in Africa
    • Middle East practices
    • UN capabilities in Africa
  • EX TRJE18 – Lessons Learned/HNS/RSOM
  • Panel discussion, Lead nation concept for TRJE 2018
  • EUMS: Military Mobility, CSDP missions and operations with a focus on Africa
  • EATC: Shuttle project, EGOM

2nd NMCC Commanders Conference - Group Photo
The conference was a great meeting opportunity for our member nations and Multi-national organisations to exchange information and points of view on many important movement and transportations related issues.

2nd NMCC Commanders Conference - Session

Signing of Letter of Intent with NSPA

On 15th January 2019, with a discrete and symbolic ceremony, held in the NSPA Head Quarters, in Capellen (LUX), the General Manager of the NSPA and the Director of the MCCE signed a Letter of Intent (LoI), with the aim of enhancing their cooperation and, therefore, improve their support and services for customers.

Three possible areas for cooperation were identified:

  • Developing and supporting multinational transportation solutions across the full spectrum of multimodal lift opportunities.
  • Supporting each other in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the respective organisations, for example in identifying synergies and potential overlaps between their transportation tasks/solutions.
  • Promoting opportunities to make best of use of spare lift capacity.

In their talks, the NSPA General Manager and the MCCE Director acknowledged their mutual interest and shared their intent to deepen and expand their relationship.



IST Rail Ops Meeting Eindhoven

The 35th IST / Rail Ops meeting was held on the 30-31 October 2018, hosted by the MCCE at the Van der Valk Hotel premises, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. More than 30 partners from 18 Members Nations (MNs) responded to the invitation of the MCCE and attended the meeting, as well as NSPA members who joined the forum for the first time.

Chief of the IST Cell, Ltc. Paccoj (left) and Mr. Franck Verdierre, NSPA Transportation and Warehousing Division Chief

The main aim of the symposium was to focus the MNs attendees on:

  • – National IST and Railway presentations and discussion to promote synergies amongst;
  • – NSPA concept to possibly deliver Multinational Rail Transport Services;
  • – Trident Juncture 2018 deployment, first feedback from MNs;
  • – MNs multimodal national offer list availability to African operations.
35th IST / Rail Participants at Van der Valk Hotel, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Chief of Operations in consort with IST Cell Chief emphasized the importance of MCCE IST / Rail meeting formula to be adopted at least once a year; this was highly appreciated by the MNs to rationalise the international cooperation in this domain.

With the predominant purpose of promoting the MCCE MNs cooperation encompassing all inland surface transport modes, national representatives updated were released along with MCCE Plans and SEOS Secretariat briefings.

Furthermore, external presenters such as Dutsche Bahn Cargo and Rail Innovators Group companies dispensed their rail capabilities to offer to the MCCE MNs.

AT Ops Meeting Budapest

The 27th At Ops Meeting was held in Novotel Budapest City, kindly hosted by Hungary over 13 to 16 November. The meeting was opened by the Hungarian J4 Cdr, Col Baros with 17 nations being represented by 48 attendees from member nations.

Col Baros Opening the 27th AT Ops Meeting

The highly successful event saw updates on MCCE business given by the Deputy Director, AT Cell Chief, Plans and ATARES Secretariat. External presenters included Jetex, Skytech, Heavy Airlift Wing, EATC and SALCC. Included in the National updates for the first time was a presentation from NSPA.

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On 7th November 2018, the Director and Deputy Director MCCE visited the “Athens Multinational Sealift Coordination Centre” (AMSCC) as part of the program for exchange visits with the stakeholders and other organisations within the M&T business.

With the intention of increasing MCCE visibility and knowledge about the additional opportunities and capabilities available in the realm of strategic lift.

Col Herbaut and Lt.Col. Passaro met their counterparts in the AMSCC and exchanged a large amount of valuable information whilst exploring the possible opportunities for mutual collaboration and support.

MCCE support to Frisian Flag and European Air-to-Air Refuelling Training (EART)

From 08 to 20 April 2018, Leeuwarden Airbase again hosted one of the largest international fighter pilot exercises: Exercise Frisian Flag 2018.

For two weeks more than 70 fighter aircraft from various countries were exercising the execution of offensive and defensive missions, with the support of Airborne Warning and Control System, Electronic Warfare airplane, and Air to Air refueling tankers.

Air Refueling (AAR) was recognised in 2012 as a capability shortfall in Europe. To address this, the European Defence Agency has developed a European AR initiative looking at the three following objectives: increase the overall AAR capacity, reduce fragmentation of the fleet, and optimise the use of assets.

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